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10 reasons to choose heating with pellets for your home

  • August 14, 2013
10 reasons to choose heating with pellets for your home

The choice of heating system is a major problem in most households. Comparing different solutions and products is extremely important in order to make the right decision. The choice is tough because it involves being satisfied during the winter days, but also when paying the bills. Therefore, when searching for cheap and efficient heating you cannot miss heating with pellets – the most preferred heating option in the last few years for various reasons.

1. Automation is the first and one of the most important reasons why pellet boilers are recommended and preferred for domestic heating. Automation allows pellet boilers to work independently for a week or more. Boilers do not require permanent pellet feed by users and thus do not require daily attention in order to function correctly. In contrast to the solid fuel boilers, a pellet boiler can be fed once a week. It starts burning automatically, heats the house and domestic hot water and then turns itself off.

2. The second most important reason is price. Or more precisely the difference between the initial investment and annual costs for domestic heating and hot water supply. Heating with natural gas, wood, electricity, etc. requires lower initial investment, but along with annual costs for heating and maintenance becomes more expensive than pellet heating. The efficiency in burning the pellets is extremely high so it allows for a quick return on investment.

Ниски разходи при отопление на пелети








3. The third main reason is ecology. Unlike electricity, natural gas and other types of fuel heating, pellets are ecological and a renewable energy source. They are produced from wood waste – biomass through high-pressure pressing, free of any use of adhesive substances. The pellets are very dense and have low levels of humidity (max 10%), which makes them extremely efficient during combustion. Because the pellets are wood waste from the timber industry, there is no monopoly of production, which results in lower prices compared to fossil fuels and electricity. An additional advantage related to production and combustion of pellets is the very low emission levels of carbon dioxide compared to other fossil fuels. The combustion chamber is made of special ceramic material which allows the higher efficiency of the combustion process and lower emission of CO and CO2.







4. The fourth reason is related to logistics and pellet delivery. Due to the tense state of pellets and the smaller space they occupy compared to wood in general, during transportation, customers pay per ton, rather than per cubic meter. This reduces transport, fees and overall carbon emissions from the fleet used.

Екологично чисто отопление на пелети




5. Convenience should not be missed as a fifth major reason for the choice of pellet heating. Unlike traditional heating with wood, pellets do not need to be cut, split and stored. Activities which require a lot of time and physical effort. In addition, pellets use a lot less space than coal and wood. Pellet boilers TANGRA HP30, CL35 and CL80 add more advantages to those already mentioned for biomass facilities. They are fully automated and have one week work autonomy, which can be extended.

6. The sixth advantage is the higher level of automation which provide smooth system operation and the presence of four-step protection system.

7. The seventh advantage – automatic cleaning. Thanks to the incorporated automatic cleaning system of the burner and the pipe heat exchanger, the customer’s involvement is minimized to the simple, weekly removal of ash. This makes pellet boilers TANGRA extremely care-free.

8. The eighth advantage is the vast water tank incorporated in pellet boilers TANGRA. Their capacity is 120L for TANGRA CL35, 220L for TANGRA CL80 and 320L for TANGRA HP30. These volumes are significantly larger than other pellet boilers’ ones on the market and result in the smoother operation of the pellet burner. Because smaller capacities require more frequent burner starts and stops, which shortens the product’s life-cycle.

9. The ninth advantage is the digital controller incorporated in all pellet boilers TANGRA which allows customers to set specific daily and weekly combustion programs. Customers can set up to four different programs and select two programs for each day of the week. They define the time of opening and closing and the desired temperature.

10. And the last but not least reason is the overall Bulgarian production of the pellet boilers offered by TANGRA. All components and high-quality materials are produced in-house at TANGRA. We are thus able to guarantee the quality and origin of products.

The option to control the pellet boilers remotely using a mobile device with internet access is just another advantage which demonstrates the ease of use and high functionality of the boilers.

The choice is yours, but we hope to have made it easier!

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