Feb 27

5 reasons to use Nederman in your service workshop

  • February 27, 2013


We will give you a few reasons why you should choose Nederman in your service workshop

1. Less wear – The main reasons for the wear of hoses and cables are the mechanical damages. Left on the floor, they are often overrun by electro/forklifts. Additional damages can be caused by pellets and wastes, which are released on them.

2. High Efficiency – Self-retracting reels save time. Light tools can be left hanging on the hose or cable, providing quick and easy access to them. Макара Nederman 1

3. Easier cleaning – the maintenance of working space is much more difficult when the floor is covered with scattered hoses and cables. With Self-retracting reels the floors are clean and tidy.

4. Reduced risk of accidents. Statistics show that the stumbling is the most common reason for accidents in the industry – their number is ten times more than those with electricity. Scattered on the floor hoses and cables are not safe and often creates opportunities for injuries.

Макара Nederman 25. Better working environment –The investments in improving the working environment pay off many times subsequently. Self rewind reels, balancers and hangers contribute for a safer working environment where accidents and injures are minimized.

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