Sep 19

Energy saving ventilation systems (Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation) guarantee repayment between 1.5 and 2 years.

  • September 19, 2012

Dipl. Eng. Armianov, what are the tendencies in Europe and all over the world in the development of energy efficient ventilation systems, mechanical heat recovery ventilation? The interest in energy efficiency and energy saving ventilation systems follow the tendency in...

Sep 19

Pellet Boilers TANGRA and the wood biomass market in Bulgaria

  • September 19, 2012

Interview for TD Installations of Dipl. Eng. Plamen Jeliazkov Dipl. Eng. Jeliazkov, what is the situation of the heating with biomass in Bulgaria? What are the advantages for the users? Pellets are cheap and ecological energy source with high calorific...

Sep 13

EC accept the new Directive on Energy efficiency

  • September 13, 2012

On the 11th of September at the European Commission plenary was accepted a new Directive on energy efficiency. In the new texts are provided obligatory energy efficiency measures for public buildings, including their renewal, schemes for energy saving from energy...

Aug 15

How to choose a bathroom fan?

  • August 15, 2012

If you have recently repaired your home, you probably faced the problem how to choose the right bathroom fan. The ventilation is needed not only to exhaust the air but also to eliminate the steam, formed in bath. Using the...

Jul 16

Hitachi Yutaki – inverter heat pump at a reasonable price

  • July 16, 2012

The inverter heat pumps are highly efficient and ecological systems for production of heating and domestic hot water. They use a refrigerant cycle to transform the low-potential energy of the outdoor air into high-potential energy for water heating. In the...

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