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Eliturbo – air mixer, differing from the traditional destratifiers

  • July 22, 2013
Eliturbo – air mixer, differing from the traditional destratifiers

Well-known physic’s phenomenon is the distribution of hot air in the upper parts of the large premises. It leads to higher energy costs and heat loss. Air mixer Eliturbo is the perfect solution of the problem because it is able to even vertically and horizontally the air temperature, to even the humidity in large environments and to reduce the costs of heating till 30%.


Температурна амплитуда Eliturbo







The Eliturbo air mixer is different from the traditional destratifiers because it doesn’t direct the air fluxes directly down and in concentrated areas, but it distributes the air in a radial way influencing large areas without pronounced air draughts. Eliturbo uses a special helicentrifugal rotor patented by Imresind that generates air mixing, it doesn’t create draughts and it is manufactured in accordance with the security norms and the environment hygiene norms. Eliturbo’s air mixing improves the environment conditions even during the summer season when, owing to high temperature and high percentage of relative humidity, a microclimate intolerable by structures is generated. The Eliturbo air mixer creates a constant air exchange through the windows and other openings, keeping an active ventilation of the environment.

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Eliturbo system is installed in the ceiling and controlled by the suitable switchboard with speed adjust. The air movement is lower than 0,1 m/s, respecting the hygiene norms. An Eliturbo air mixer system prevents hot air stratification, reduces the energy consumptions and improves the environment comfort.

The applications:


Eliturbo can be used in industrial and commercial buildings to improve the efficiency of the heating plant and improve working conditions.

Sport, halls and pools:

The Eliturbo installation reduces the high heat losses characteristic of this sector. Humidity and chlorine vapor are also reduced at pool level. Low velocities (<0,1m/s) minimize draughts and resultant discomfort.

Culture, galleries and museums:

These are often older, large buildings with requirements for a constant environment around works of art.


Greenhouses are subject to high heat losses which prevent the correct distribution of temperature for cultivation. Eliturbo is capable of resolving this problem, producing significant benefits. Eliturbo provides uniform humidity and is extremely useful when combating condensation.
These characteristics make Eliturbo an unique product in the market of ventilation, heating and air conditioning and the right choice in need of optimal air temperature and low energy costs.

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