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How to choose a bathroom fan?

  • August 15, 2012
How to choose a bathroom fan?

If you have recently repaired your home, you probably faced the problem how to choose the right bathroom fan.

window moldThe ventilation is needed not only to exhaust the air but also to eliminate the steam, formed in bath. Using the vent, the bathroom fan exhausts air and prevents condensation and mold in the premise. If the bathroom doesn’t have a window, you should look for an alternative solution. The most frequent solution in the modern homes is the axial fan with electrical power.

Its main feature is the air flow volume. According to the Bulgarian law, the required air flow volume is 90m3/h for bathroom fans, 90m3/h for toilet fans and 90m3/h for laundry room fans.

The air flow of the fan can be also calculated as a function of the premise volume and air renewal. The air renewal represents the number of air exchanges in the premise per hour. The recommended renewals for bathroom are 5 times per hour and for toilet – 7.

Selecting the place where the fan will be mounted in the bathroom is also very important. It is recommended to install the fan in the farthest point of the premise from where the fresh air is coming from, in order to achieve the optimal air exchange and ventilation in the premise. If your bathroom is bigger we recommend instead of one powerful fan to mount two with lower capacity, and one of them to be situated above the bathtub or the shower because this will provide better air exchange and prevention of moisture.

 Bathroom ventilators

Do not forget that the extract air from the bathroom or toilet should be compensated. The tendency in the last few years is from doors and windows to pass less air and to be very tight. We recommend you mounting a small transfer grill in the door to pass the required air.
It is also recommended the chosen fan to have a back draft shutter. This shutter will prevent the entering of odors and smells from air ducts and also prevent warm leakage of air through the fan.

SILENT-300, Silent 300 SilverBathroom fans:

The S&P “Silent” fans are thin profiled axial fans, which are working with low energy consumption and at the same time they are one of the quietest fans all over the world. These features make S&P “Silent” the most preferred fans by our customers. The fans are available in three types 100, 200 and 300 and with air flow between 80 and 280m3/h. The standard model CZ is available in two colors – white and gray. All the models have a back draft shutter. The bathroom and toilet fans S&P Silent are available also with timer (CRZ), which allows preliminary setup the duration of fan operation before it stops. The model CHZ has a timer and humidity sensor, which allows the customer to adjust a certain level of humidity above which the fan works constantly.

SILENT-100 DESIGN white-silver _ blanco-plata S&PThe S&P Silent Design series are characterized by an elegant design and the main features are the same as the “Silent” models. In addition, there are 3 types of bands in different colors available – red, green and yellow, which can be changed depending on the interior colors.
All the fans have high humidity protection class – IP 45. The fan’s working temperature is up to 40°C. All the fans have a good performance mounted on the wall or the ceiling.

EDM-100 C S&PThe S&P EDM series have a simplified design. The biggest advantage of this series is the automatic back draft shutter, which is closed when the fan is stopped and prevents the entering of smells from the air duct into the premise. The fan is available with an additional attachment for a glass mounting. This model is also available with motion sensor, timer and humidity sensor.

If you are not quite sure what fan to choose or you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask a specialist. We are here for you!


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