Jun 26

All-in-one solution TANGRA EVB DX with integrated reversible heat pump

  • June 26, 2024

Exceptionally high energy efficiency through recuperation/regeneration and integrated direct expansion (DX) heat pump module for gentle heating and cooling.

Traditional systems include air handling unit and chiller or boiler and take huge amount of time for HVAC designers to draw and calculate, involve lots of working hours of installers in welding, piping and connecting, commissioning and controlling systems, and last, but not least include different products from different suppliers, which is a recipe for trouble. ‍

Our innovative thermodynamic air handling units TANGRA EVB DX cuts headaches, installation time and problems!


Thermodynamic compact air handling units TANGRA EVB DX are total plug & play solution, 100% factory tested and delivered charged with environmentally friendly refrigerant (freon). All-in-one solution providing ventilation, heating and cooling.


Advantages & Benefits

  • Comfort ventilation
  • Exceptional heat and energy recovery
  • Gentle heating or cooling of the fresh air
  • Healthy microclimate for the occupants

  • No need for additional heating or cooling centre (no boilers or chillers)
  • No need for pipework or complex control systems
  • One supplier, one unit, one responsibility
  • Optimized initial investment and low operating costs

  • Compact solution easily fit in technical rooms or outdoor
  • Low installation costs due to quick and simple installation system
  • Minimal maintenance needs and long lifetime due to high-quality materials and optimized components
  • Smart control system, factory-configured and with internet communication

High performance optimized features:

  • Heat pump module

    Heat pump module with an extremely efficient DC inverter compressor with frequency control for high efficiency and precise working at full or partial load. This increases the total efficiency of the air handling unit. The frequency inverter control allows to start the heat pump module at low load in order to prevent the high start current.

  • EC centrifugal fans

    EC centrifugal fans with composite impellers are incorporated in all units. High efficiency electric motors with energy class IE4 / IE5 are used and in combination with the specially developed composite wheel they guarantee the maximum system efficiency and low noise level.


  • Rotary or Plate heat exchangers The units can be produced with sorption regenerative heat exchanger or aluminium/polypropylene plate heat exchanger

Sorption regenerative heat exchanger absorbs moisture from the air stream when humidity is high and releases it when humidity is low. In summer mode, the rotary heat exchanger recovers both sensible and latent energy. This minimizes cooling costs, reduces the humidity of the supplied air, and increases the energy efficiency of the system. In winter mode, it recovers moisture from the exhaust air, improving indoor comfort and reducing the need for the ‘defrost’ mode.

Plate heat exchanger TANGRA RECAluminium or polypropylene plate heat exchanger recovers energy from exhaust air. There is no mixing of the two air flows no transmittance of humidity, odour or contamination to the fresh air. For aggressive water environment (mineral geothermal water) the compact thermodynamic air handling units are produced with polypropylene plate heat exchangers.

  • Control system

    Control of the system is specially designed by the team of TANGRA, in order to allow extreme flexibility of scenarios and variety of options of control as well reliability and easy service of all air handling units. TANGRA Smart DX allows visualization and control of all parameters and alarms from the display, through Modbus or through Internet

  • Quality casing

    The casing of the compact thermodynamic air handling units is tested and certified by Eurovent. It is designed with aluminium profiles and doble wall panels with mineral wool for thermal and sound insulation.

Benefits for all:

  • HVAC designers & consultants
    – All-in-one, optimized and proven solution.
    – Tested and certified products with full technical data for summer and winter conditions
    – Free selection software and backup team that can do all calculations for you for free!





  • HVAC installers
    – Quick and simple installation which is saving workhours time;
    – Plug & Play and easy commissioning;
    – No refrigeration work, no need of extra piping, cabling, expansion valves, kits, etc. Only power supply needed.





  • Building owners and facility managers
    – High performance;
    – Low operating costs;
    – Durable and with high quality components which leads to long lifetime cycle;






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