Jan 27
  • January 27, 2015

центробежен вентилатор инокс

Centrifugal fans TANGRA ТАМ / ТАТ available also from
stainless steel INOX 304/316

Since January 2015, TANGRA offers the range of centrifugal single inlet fans with backward wheel TANGRA TAM/TAT also in stainless steel. The inox fans are with same aerodinamic characteristics as the standard range. The motors are out of the air flow. The range of stainless single inlet centrifugal fans with backward curved wheel are appropriate dor indusrial kitchens, ventilation systems for transportations of dust and polluted air with impurities and oil

аеродинамични криви на вентилатор за кухня там тат


 вентилатори за кухня ТАМ ТАТ инокс


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