Jan 31

New catalog for high efficiency heat reocvery units TANGRA EVB HiE

  • January 31, 2020

Високоефективни енерговъзстановяващи блокове ТАНГРА

At the beginning of February 2020, the team of TANGRA issued the updated version of the catalogue of high efficiency heat recovery units TANGRA EVB HiE.


The two new models of compact air handling units TANGRA EVB HiE 48 and TANGRA EVB HiE 60 are presented in the brochure and the extended range now covers air volumes from 100m3/h up to 6200m3/h. All units are produced in accordance with EU regulation 1253/2014 and the heat and thermal recovered efficiency is above 79% (EN308).


The series of TANGRA EVB HiE are divided in two types: horizontal and vertical units and in order to ease the installation, TANGRA team developed the units in to monoblock and split execution.


All units are equipped with aluminum plate heat exchangers TANGRA REC HiE certified with Eurovent Certita Certification. Compact air handling units TANGRA EVB HiE are available with centrifugal fans with AC or EC (IE5) motors with Modbus communication and smooth control 0-10V. Air filters incorporated in the units comply with EN 779 and ISO16890. The anti-freeze protection is option, depends on the climate conditions, and can be incorporated in the units. According to ErP regulation the by-pass is 100% and free cooling is available. All heat recovery units TANGRA EVB HiE can be equipped with a thermal box for comfort heating and cooling with electric, water or direct expansion coil. The DX coil allows using outdoor VRF system with higher efficiency. In order to ensure tight closing of the system, every unit can be equipped with multi-leaf dampers with actuators (EN1751).  


For more information or downloading the catalogue, please click here: TANGRA EVB HiE




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