May 29

New software for calculation of REC and EVB AL/AL+

  • May 29, 2014

In section TOOLS on our web site www.tangra.bg you can find a new version of our calculation software for recuperative plate heat exchangers (REC) and heat recovery units (EVB AL/AL+).

The software for recuperative heat exchangers calculation allows a quick selection of units based on the needed air flow. For more precise calculation fill the necessary information about the installation in the empty fields – example air flow of the fresh and exhausted air and external temperature of the fresh air and exhausted air temperature.

When you receive the end result of the calculation, you can choose between two types of heat exchangers – REC AL (standard series) or REC AL+ (series with higher efficiency).

The program for calculation of heat recovery units is developed in a similar way. For detailed calculations, the software allows to enter data about the both air streams, temperature of the external and exhausted air and their corresponding humidity.  



As an option you can choose an automatic bypass valve, bag filter for fine air purification and/or heating section, incorporated in the units. Here also is possible to choose between two types of recuperative heat exchangers AL или AL+.

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