Oct 17

Pellet boilers TANGRA were certifed by TUV – EN 303-5:2012

  • October 17, 2013

The range of pellet boilers TANGRA HP и TANGRA CL, produced by “TANGRA”, were tested and certified by the German technical certification organization TÜV Rheinland upon the new standard EN 303-5:2012. The tests continued about two months and finished in the mid of September.

All heating boilers (wood log, pellet boilers, etc.) are products that need compulsorty certification by third part notified laboratory. In 2011, TANGRA company certified the whole range of pellet boilers upon EN 14785, standard for domestic boilers. This year was introduced the new standard EN 303-5:2012 for boilers and heating devices. It introduce higher standards and norms for CO emissions and preserving the environment. Thus, TANGRA team, together with TÜV made the new tests in notified laboratories and certified the range of pellet boilers TANGRA. All biomass pellet boilers TANGRA covers the requirements of the standard and proves in the TÜV laboratories their high efficiency CO emissions few times less that the norms.

“TANGRA” produce pellet boilers with different heating capacity for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes:

TANGRA HP30 – heating capacity between 17kW and 30kW, automatic self-cleaning with electro pneuamatic system and water vessel of 320l. Efficiency: 94%

TANGRA CL35 – heating capacity between 17kW and 35kW, automatic self-cleaning with electro pneuamatic system, possibility for left and right installation of the burner and bunker, water vessel 120l. and option for self-cleaning of the ash in ash collector. Efficency: 96%

TANGRA CL80 – heating capacity between 40kW and 80kW,automatic self-cleaning with electro pneuamatic system, water vessel 220l. available two bunker models with different capacity. Efficency: 94%

Certification of pellet boilers TANGRA, executed by the German certification organization TÜV, is a waranty for always safety, high quality and reliable product. Thus “TANGRA” company becomes the first Bulgarian producer certified upon the new european norm EN 303-5:2012.

pellet boilers TANGRA certified by TUV EN 303:5 - 2012

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