May 8
  • May 8, 2012

 Save energy!

Decrease Your expenses!

Take care of the environment and future generations!


Compact heat recovery ventilation units EVB 04 HiE Home and EVB 06 HiE Office are specially designed for ventilation of:
– Apartments and individual homes
– Offices
– Small shops

High efficiency heat exchanger up to 85% !

–  Pay back period – up to 2 years
–  Decreasing your expenses and energy bills
–  Low profile, allows installation in false ceiling
–  Easy installation and user friendly control
–  Low consumption of electricity
–  Low noise
–  Filtration of the fresh and exhaust air

– Many possibilities for controls

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Why ventilation with heat recovery is necessity in modern buildings?!

– The price of the energy rised up 5 times for the last 10years.
– Modern buildings are better insulated thermally and windows are more dense. Ventilation through building elements is not possible.
– We spend between 70 and 90% of our time indoor.
– These premises must be ventilated and the fresh air must be filtrated, in order to help preventing allergies and diseases.
– Heat recovery is threated as renewable energy source, similar to the heat pumps.

– Heat recovery ventilation is exceptionally profitable investment.

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