Nov 18

Successfully completed a 3-week trainee course for Italian students in TANGRA

  • November 18, 2019

курс за стажанти от Италия в ТАНГРА

On 15.11.2019. successfully completed a 3 week course – internship for children from the technical school in Potenza, Italy. TANGRA was a partner and host of 8 students studying modern construction systems and renewable energy. During their stay, Italian students became familiar with the details of HVAC systems and became involved in the production of ventilation elements, grilles and centrifugal fans. During their stay, there was a team from TANGRA in charge of the trainees, who showed them and monitored their improvements of knowledge and safety.


This training is extremely important to us, both as is the internship program and as a whole process. On the one hand, we have a duty to prepare the next generations for work in the HVAC sector, both in Bulgaria and in Europe. On the other hand, leaving here, these children already know that products made in Bulgaria means quality and reliability. We create a better name for Bulgaria in Europe.

Ivan Armianov, CSO and CMO of TANGRA.


During their internship program, the students from Italy were presented with various activities in one HVAC engineering company: from a project engineer leading various projects, through a mechanical engineer in R&D department, a HVAC product designer, trader and specialist in the technical information and offers department, where engineers advise clients and investors and finally the manufacturing department. In the production of TANGRA, the students from Italy took first a course in health and safety. Then, divided into different groups, they became involved in the production of ventilation grilles and diffusers, centrifugal fans and ventilation elements. Each week they changed their work places. The groups of trainees also had two days of work in the powder coating section for HVAC products and now they know how to paint elements for indoor and outdoor installations.


On 12.11.2019. the students from the technical school also attended the training, part of the TANGRA HVAC Academy, in collaboration with the fan manufacturer Ziehl Abegg. There they were introduced to different types of fans, new developments in electric motors and fan wheels, as well as energy classes. You can find more about the course here: https://www.tangra.bg/nw_BG_159.html

The training ended with the award of certificates and a small gift related to the anniversary of TANGRA. The team of the company hopes that this will be the only the first part of series of internship programs, and also that the children from the technical school in Potenza are already emotionally connected with Bulgaria.

Успешно завърши курс за стажанти от Италия в ТАНГРА

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