Feb 21
  • February 21, 2012

TANGRA has performed the installations of the first skyscraper in Sofia – Capital Fort – 126 m high and area of 80 000 sq.m

TANGRA company has won a contest and has already started the installation of the ventilation systems in the first skyscraper in Sofia – Capital Fort – 126 m high and with area of 80 000 sq.m.

The complex will consist of two office buildings, financial center, conference halls, bank offices, restaurants, fast food, outlets with winter garden, shops, showrooms, fitness center, beauty salon, children’s place, travelling agency, dry-cleaners and underground parking with 750 parking places.

Capital Fort is a multiple project of ATKINS – Great Britain, amond whose most famous projects are Burj Al Arab, The World Trade Centrer in Bahrain World Trade Center, together with A&A Architects (Business Park Sofia), and the project consultant Lindner Immobilien Managment.

TANGRA already had na experiance designing ventilation and air-conditioning systems in multifunctional buildings and skyscrapers. ARCO TOWERS is the bigest project we have designed – 300 000 sq.m area. Tangra team has visited our colleagues in Dubai, during the construction of Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world – 828 m) in 2008.

Functional distribution of the buildins of  Capital Fort
High Building Low Building Podium Underfloor parking

126m high
32 000 sq.m area
24 floors offices
12 elevators

30m high
12 000 sq. m area
6 floor offices
6 elevators

10m high
1200 sq.m
4 escalators
food corner
750 parking places
two levels
Control of the access

National Service Telephone:
0887 73 73 75