Jun 22

TANGRA introduced new series of decentralised heat recovery units TANGRA EVB School

  • June 22, 2023

Healthy indoor environment in schools, kindergartens and offices

The team of TANGRA has been working for over 10 years on decentralized energy-saving ventilation units in schools and kindergartens across Europe. The company’s devices are installed in educational buildings in Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, and Switzerland. Based on the experience and the need for fresh and filtered air, especially where it matters the most – for our children, we have created a range of devices for decentralized ventilation.

TANGRA EVB School units provide fresh, filtered, and temperature-controlled air to a room without the need for additional ventilation components (ductwork, ventilation grilles, etc.). They can be equipped with an air quality sensor. The fresh air is automatically regulated based on the occupants’ needs while monitoring parameters for maximum energy efficiency.

TANGRA EVB School offers exceptional freedom to investors, owners, facility managers, architects, and HVAC equipment installers.

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Researchers in Denmark have conducted a study on the socio-economic impact of implementing ventilation systems in schools. Thanks to reduced illnesses and absences among both students and teachers, as well as parents, scientists have calculated that investments in improving the microclimate in schools and kindergartens have an effect both in the present, with fewer abscesses and less expenses from the healthcare budget. And also in the long term, because students retain more information and are more successful as adults, leading to a higher GDP for the country.

What is necessary for the good education of children?

֎ A productive and sustainable learning system;
֎ Ambitious and caring parents;
֎ Well-prepared and motivated teachers;
֎ Cosy and well-lit classrooms;
֎ Comfortable microclimate conditions;

TANGRA EVB School decentralized ventilation devices are designed to provide a high-quality and cost-effective solution for fulfilling the last requirement.

What are the advantages?

֎ Better concentration and knowledge retention: A Danish study suggests that mathematical problems could be solved up to 14% faster and more efficiently in a better microclimate.

֎ Improved health for children;

What is the European experience?

֎ In Northern and Western European countries, good air quality is mandatory both for new classrooms and existing ones.

֎ In Germany, France, and Scandinavian countries, school classrooms and those in kindergartens must provide a minimum amount of fresh, filtered, and conditioned air of 25m3/h per child.

In order to download the brochure, please click here: TANGRA EVB School 

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