Jul 9
  • July 9, 2013

Technical_seminar_with_Greek_partners_TANGRA“TANGRA” organized  technical seminar and training about  “High efficiency heat recovery units”  and “Hygienic Air Handling units” for its partners from Greece

On the 3th and 4th of July at TANGRA’s building was held a two – day seminar and training for Greek partners and colleagues of the company. Dipl. Eng.  J. Armianov presented the new tendencies about the increasing of energy efficiency as well as the functions and the advantages of using of high efficiency heat recovery ventilation systems which are the newest products offered by TANGRA.  The Greek guests had the opportunity to see the manufacturing and to convince themselves to the high quality of TANGRA’s high efficiency solutions for ventilation, air conditioning and heating as well as the quality control during the whole producing process.

During the technical seminar there was a training about the software for calculation of plate heat exchanger. On the 2th of July the software for calculation of heat exchanger s REC-AL, which is free application of TANGRA’s website, was  entirely renewed.

  Demonstration_High_efficiency_heat_recovery_units Demonstration_High_efficiency_heat_recovery_ventilation Demonstration_Air_Handling_Units
The second day of the seminar was about Air Handling units and the emphasis was on Hygienic air handling units TANGRA AHU – HYG and air handling units with direct expansion TANGRA AHU-DEX. Hygienic Air Handling units TANGRA AHU-HYG tend to be installed in ventilation and air conditioning systems for clean rooms (operating theaters, high dependency rooms, sanatoriums), but are also used in facilities within the optical data storage, electronic components, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

The aim of seminar TANGRA’s organized  was to get its Greek colleagues acquainted with innovations of company’s manufacturing..”TANGRA” exports its products in over 15 European countries and   the company has been working with its Greek partners since 1996.


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