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HITACHI VRF Set Free Sigma
VRF Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF / VRV) are specially designed for cooling and heating commercial properties, modern apartment buildings, business and office buildings, industrial and manufacturing plants. HITACHI VRF Set Free Sigma systems offer multi-zone microclimate technology that helps minimize energy consumption without compromising on productivity or occupant comfort. HITACHI VRF air conditioning systems offer adaptive technology that uses indoor data for optimal comfort levels and maximum energy efficiency. In addition to self-adapting technology, HITACHI VRF Set Free Sigma allow occupants to control comfort, heating and cooling in individual rooms as well as entire zones or the entire floor, anywhere and anytime thanks to a wide range of control options. The versatility of HITACHI VRF air conditioning systems allows the choice of many types of indoor units (wall mounting, cassette type, Silent Iconic cassette type, concealed duct installation, floor standing units, etc.). Extremely fast and easy installation. Intelligent control with menu in Bulgarian language. Warranty: 3 years.

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