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Domestic Heating with Heat Pumps

Domestic heat pumps HITACHI Yutaki are designed for heating, cooling and domestic hot water supply. They have an extremely wide range of operation (at outdoor temperatures from -25°C to 46°C) and provide various options for ecologically heating and cooling through underfloor heating, radiators, fan coils and have the ability to heat domestic hot water as well and free to heat pool water. The various models have a nominal heating power of 4.3kW to 24kW and use environmentally friendly refrigerants – R410 and R32. Seasonal efficiency up to A +++ and COP 5.25 / EER 5.4. Fluid temperature in the installation of 60°C at outdoor temperatures of -10°C. Extremely fast and easy installation. Intelligent control with menu in Bulgarian language. Warranty: 3 years.


  • Low temperature heat pumps HITACHI Yutaki S
  • Low temperature heat pumps with built-in water tank HITACHI Yutaki S Combi
  • High temperature heat pumps (up to 80°C) HITACHI Yutaki S80
  • Heat pump monoblock HITACHI Yutaki M

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