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Swirl Ceiling Ventilation Diffusers with Fixed

Ceiling swirl diffusers with a fixed blades are used in ventilation and air conditioning installations/systems when fast and smooth air distribution with low noise levels is required. They are suitable for air supply in rooms up to 4 m high. The TANGRA CDN-S (square) and TANGRA CDN-R (round) ventilation diffusers are made of galvanized steel with a polymer powder coating. The flow rate of single ventilation grille is between 100m3/h up to 1000 m3/h (27l/s – 278l/s).


  • They are made of galvanized sheet metal with powder-polymer coating.
  • As standard, they can be painted in RAL 9010, and at the customer’s request they can be painted in all RAL colors.


  • Mounted on the air duct system with plenum box and flexible duct.


  • Plenum box (+K)
  • Regulation valve (+D)
  • Internal insulation (+Ii) or external insulation (+Ie) of plenum box.
  • Kit for plenum box fixing to Armstrong type ceiling (+МК)

From this section you can download the full documentation related to Swirl Ceiling Ventilation Diffusers with Fixed TANGRA CDN-S & CDN-R:

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