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Linear slot diffuser

Linear slot diffusers are elegant and modern ventilation grilles that can be perfectly and inconspicuously integrated into the suspended ceiling. Depending on the design of the project or the customer’s wishes, the linear diffusers can be with plastic blades for regulating the direction of the flow (TANGRA LD) or all-aluminum with vertical discharge (TANGRA LD-AL). The air flow rate of a one ventilation grille can be from 100m3/h up to over 1000m3/h (27l/s – above 278l/s).


  • LD: They are made of aluminum profiles and steel central part with built-in plastic blades.
  • LD-AL: Made entirely of anodized aluminum profiles.
  • As standard, they are painted in RAL 9010, and at the customer’s request they can be painted in all RAL colors.


  • Mounted on the air duct system with plenum box and flexible duct.

From this section you can download the full documentation related to Linear slot diffuser TANGRA LD & LD-AL:

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