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Round Ceiling Ventilation Diffusers with Adjustable Blades “Summer/Winter”

TANGRA SRD are circular ceiling diffusers designed to supply air to ventilation and air conditioning systems. They are extremely suitable for high rooms, as they ensure proper and smooth air distribution, draft-free, both in heating and cooling mode. By adjusting the angle of discharge can be achieved long-range during the winter months (70°÷90° tilt recommended in heating mode) or smooth stratification of cool air during the summer months (30°÷45° tilt recommended in cooling mode). The “Heating/Cooling” modes can be adjusted mechanically (manually) or automatically (via an electric actuator). The automatic adjustment of the blades can be performed on up to 12 diffusers simultaneously. This allows quickly and without additional costs changing of the mode for the whole site. The air flow rate of a single ventilation grille can be 600m3/h up to 3500m3/h (166l/s – 972l/s).


  • They are made of aluminum profiles and galvanized steel blades.
  • As standard, they are painted in RAL 9010, and at the customer’s request they can be painted in all RAL colors.


  • Mounted on the air duct system with plenum box or flexible duct.

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