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Compact Heat Recovery Units with Heat Pump

TANGRA EVB DX is a range of compact heat recovery units with air flow from 800 m3/h up to 6000 m3/h that represent a comprehensive solution with exceptionally high energy efficiency through recuperation/regeneration and integrated direct expansion (DX) heat pump module for heating and
The range TANGRA EVB DX complies with the ErP Directive. The total energy recovery efficiency exceeds 90%. TANGRA EVB DX provides ventilation with a comfortable temperature, allowing reduction
of additional cooling or heating, and thereby decreasing the costs for other installations and subsequent
energy consumption.
All thermodynamic heat recovery units are available for indoor installation in technical rooms or in false
ceiling as well as for outdoor installations. The units are plug & play, 100% factory tested and charged
with refrigerant (freon R410). The installation technicians only need to mount the equipment and connect
the ventilation duct system and electrical supply.

  • Air flow range: 800m3/h up to 600m3/h
  • Heat and energy recovery with dry efficiency from 79% up to 88% (EN308, ErP 2018)
  • Integrated smart control system
  • Easy installation, commissioning, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Produced in accordance with RLT 01, DIN 1886 and EN13053

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