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Heat Recovery Ventilation Units

Heat recovery ventilation systems maintain a suitable microclimate in buildings and help in reduction of heating costs. TANGRA energy recovery units supply fresh and clean air to the occupants, suck the polluted air and at the same time recover energy / heat from the exhaust air by heating the fresh air.

The TANGRA EVB AL / AL + series is an economical solution for various types of applications. The range covers 9 sizes with a flow rate of 250 m3 / h. up to 8500 m3 / h and efficiency from 49% to 65% (EN308). The equipment is manufactured for outdoor or indoor installation, as well as for horizontal and vertical installation.

  • Air flow range: 250m3/h up to 8500m3/h (69 l/s ÷ 2361 l/s)
  • Heat and energy recovery with dry efficiency from 49% up to 65% (EN308).
  • Wide range of build-in components (AC / EC fans, integrated water heating coil or additional thermal box for comfort heating/cooling of the air: water heating/cooling or DX direct expansion, etc.)
  • Easy installation, commissioning, cleaning and maintenance.

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