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Hygienic air handling units

Hygienic air handling units are developed for ventilation of premises with increased requirements for air purity. The range TANGRA AHU Modular with HYG constructions provides flexibility and a wide selection of components and technologies for ventilation and air conditioning. Hygienic air handling units are produced in accordance with the needs of diverse projects and all classifications of clean rooms. The airflow range covers between 3500m3/h and 75000m3/h, with energy recovery efficiency between 67% and 92% (EN308). TANGRA AHU Modular with HYG construction is an excellent solution for the ventilation of hospitals, operation theaters, emergency rooms, medical laboratories, food and beverage industry, clean rooms and clean productions, electronic industry, etc. The construction of air handling units TANGRA AHU Modular with HYG construction is tested by Eurovent Certita Certification.

  • Air flow range: 3 500m3/h up to 75 000m3/h (972 l/s ÷ 20 833 l/s)
  • Remarkably wide range of heat recovery components with efficiency from 67% up to 92% (EN308 / ErP 2018).
  • Market leading efficiency fans with IE5 EC motors
  • Option for built-in heat pump module (DX integrated module).
  • Standard AHUs, as well as customized AHUs for the needs of each project.
  • Integrated smart control system
  • Easy installation, commissioning, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Every AHU is developed for indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Tested and certified under DIN 1886 and EN13053 by Eurovent Certita Certification
  • Hygienic execution produced in accordance with RLT 01, VDI 6022, DIN1946-4 and certified by TUV Rheinland

From this section you can download the full documentation related to Hygienic air handling units TANGRA AHU Modular HYG:

Commercial brochure
Installation, commissioning and maintenance manual contact us for access
Eurovent certificate 40 mm panel
Eurovent certificate 60 mm panel

You can download from here the software, necessary for the management and the correct functioning of Hygienic air handling units TANGRA AHU Modular HYG. Alongside the software you will find also detailed user manual.

Tangra Software for AHU

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