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Вентилатори за прозорец

The wide range of household fans for window installation is characterized by an elegant and adaptable design to any environment or project. The fans are designed to extract air from the premises and to be mounted on glass, wall or panel. They are made of high-quality ABS and are extremely easy to install. The external grilles are designed to prevent leaks and the ingress of rainwater, and both series of fans do not allow outside air to enter when not in operation.

S&P HCM and S&P HV window fans are suitable for air extraction for residential, commercial and industrial premises, restaurants, warehouses and others. All fans have a high class of moisture protection (IP X4). Both series of fans are produced in 3 sizes and hole diameters.

The S&P HCM series has a mechanical non-return shutter and the S&P HV series has an automatic shutter. The S&P HV 230 and S&P HV 300 are reversible and provide the ability to reverse the direction of operation and supply air to the room with a special control.

The Soler & Palau HV and Soler & Palau HCM fans are characterized by quietness, elegant design and high efficiency.

You can download from here the software, necessary for the management and the correct functioning of Вентилатори за прозорец S&P HCM & HV. Alongside the software you will find also detailed user manual.

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