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Fans for garages and tunnels

Soler & Palau has specialized solutions for ventilation of parking, garages and tunnels. The great variety of fans allows continuous ventilation of the parking lots (general ventilation), as well as changing the speed of the fans, to provide emergency mode and fast smoke extraction for greater security and efficiency. In addition to the standard Jet fans for garages and car parks, S&P also offers a wide variety of axial, centrifugal and explosion-proof ATEX fans, specially designed for this type of installation and environments.

Soler & Palau offers several options for presenting the efficiency and performance of Jet fans for garages and tunnels and their performance in case of fire. You have the option of a free virtual reality app that you can download: VRealVent S&P and is available for Android and iOS. The second option is for each specific project, a team of Soler & Palau can develop for a small fee a computer simulation model of fluids (CFD). This way you can be sure of the effectiveness of the project, as well as the best choice of garage fans. If you need a free of charge consultation, the TANGRA team is also at your disposal to choose this type of ventilation.

You can download from here the software, necessary for the management and the correct functioning of Fans for garages and tunnels S&P Tunnel & Garage. Alongside the software you will find also detailed user manual.

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