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Електростатични TANGRA TESPi
Electrostatic Precipitator Filters

Oil mists, odors and smoke from professional kitchens are a growing concerns for owners and investors of existing and newly built restaurants and eateries. It is essential to implement appropriate solutions to control and minimize these hazards from the installations in order to ensure safety and compliance with European norms and rules. Oil vapor reduction solutions not only help to protect the environment from unpleasant emissions, but they also prevent the accumulation of oil in the duct network, which can lead to a risk of fire.

TANGRA TESPi kitchen ventilation systems consist of various modular solutions for control of grease, smoke and odors from aspiration systems. The air passes through the parallel plates of the filter cell and there the oil vapors and harmful substances are deposited.

Our kitchen ventilation equipment solutions can help you: Prevent fires. Save money. Reduce the cost of cleaning air ducts. Solve the problems with oil mists and harmful odors. Comply with aspiration regulations and standards.

Kitchen electrostatic filter systems are specially designed for aspiration of restaurants and bars. They are certified by a laboratory in the UK, according to ASHRAE standard 52.2-2012 for testing the effectiveness of particle cleaning.

In restaurants, eateries and industrial kitchens, fats, contaminants and odors are formed and precipitated during food preparation. The application of a kitchen aspiration system with electrostatic precipitating filter and UV-C rays contributes significantly to minimizing these problems

The electrostatic precipitator with built-in UV-C lamps filters greasy fumes and unpleasant odors during cooking and drastically reduces the formation of grease deposits and the subsequent risk of fire. TESPi + UVC systems reduce the need for your aspiration system to be cleaned and maintained, extend the life of the filters, but more importantly, they offer the possibility of safe operation.


  • TESPi _ _ _ – electrostatic precipitator filters, including mechanical pre-filter, electrostatic precipitator, vane for collector and electric board.
  • TESPi UVC _ _ _ – electrostatic precipitator filters with built-in UV-C lamps for additional purification.

Electrostatic filters are extremely suitable for cleaning grease and ventilation in restaurants, professional kitchens, food and metal production, as well as heat treatment processes that generate oil mists.

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