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Kitchen hoods are designed for use in professional kitchens to remove grease and air from grills, combi ovens, BBQ, fryers and other cooking equipment. They are designed to exhaust hot air with greasy vapors released during cooking, and filters collect grease.


  • TANGRA CK-A – wall installation with exhaust of greasy air and supply of fresh air.
  • TANGRA CK-В – wall installation with exhaust only.
  • TANGRA CK-О – island installation for canopy.
  • TANGRA CK-S (Show cooking) – kitchen hoods for demonstrative cooking, both wall or island type.


All kitchen hoods are equipped with metal filter cartridges. They are additionally selected depending on the type of kitchen and the level of filtration needed. In addition, kitchen vacuum cleaners can be ordered with built-in lighting.

  • AFC – MM – mesh filter cartridges (500×500) / (500×375)
  • AFC – ML – labyrinth filter cartridges (500×500) / (500×375)
  • AFC – MC – combined filter cartridges (1000×500) / (1000×750)
  • Manual suction flow control valve
  • Electric control of fans and lamps
  • Built-in LED lighting (IP65)

From this section you can download the full documentation related to TANGRA CK:

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