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Water heating and cooling coils

Air to water heat exchangers are elements that are installed in air conditioning and ventilation installations or in equipment of HVAC systems to heat or cool the air supplied to the premises. TANGRA COT/COX heat exchangers use fluid water or glycol to heat or cool clean air without aggressive mixtures. All sections are tested for tightness at 30bar and the maximum operating pressure is 10bar.


  • TANGRA COT (2R) – most often used in heating mode.
  • TANGRA COX (4R) – most often used in cooling mode.
  • TANGRA COT / COX (3R / 6R / 8R) – are by individual order.


  • Drop eliminator with condensing vane – for cooling sections and air velocity at the inlet > 2m/s.
  • Soft water connections.
  • Frost protection – it is recommended to be used to ensure safety and long life of the device.
  • Three-way valve with electric actuator – for smooth regulation of the temperature after the heat exchanger, through the flow of fluid.
  • Circulation pump.
  • Electrical panel and control.

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