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Air to Air Plate Heat Exchangers

Heat recovery ventilation provides an opportunity to maintain a suitable microclimate in the premises and help in reducing energy costs. TANGRA has been a manufacturer of air-to-air plate heat exchangers since 1992.

The series TANGRA REC AL/AL+ is made of aluminum plates, and the TANGRA REC PP series is made of polypropylene plates. The TANGRA REC AL/AL+ range includes 19 models with different air flow rates of 150m3/h up to 36 000 m3/h and efficiency between 45% and 65% (EN308), and the TANGRA REC PP range covers 20 models with air flow rates from 150m3/h to 4400m3/h and efficiencies up to 66%. At higher flow rates, several heat exchangers can be combined.

  • Air flow range: 150m3/h up to 36 000m3/h (42 l/s ÷ 10 000 l/s)
  • Heat and energy recovery with dry efficiency from 45% up to 66% (EN308).
  • Easy installation, commissioning, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Option for hygienic execution in accordance with VDI 6022

From this section you can download the full documentation related to Air to Air Plate Heat Exchangers TANGRA REC AL/AL+ & TANGRA REC PP:

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