Nov 25

„TANGRA” conducted technical seminar and training for partners from Romania and Moldova

  • November 25, 2013

Technical seminar and training for the Romanian and Moldavian partners of TANGRA were held in the beginning of November, in the office of “TANGRA” in Sofia. Dipl. Eng. July Armianov presented in the seminar, the tendencies in energy efficiency, the functions and advantages in the new high efficiency energy saving ventilation. The new ranges of TANGRA EVB HiE were shown to the guests. Our colleagues from Romania and Moldova were able to see the whole process of production of heat recovery ventilation and air handling units and strengthen their conviction in the high quality of TANGRA’s products and services. The quality control in the production process in TANGRA starts from the delivery of each element and continue through the whole production and installation, finishing in receiving customer’s satisfaction.

Технически семинар - 2

During the training, TANGRA presented the updated version of the software for calculation of plate heat exchangers – REC – AL. Since July 2013, the software, which is a free application on the web site of TANGRA, has been updated and calculate simultaneously plate heat exchangers with standard and increased efficiency (REC-AL and REC-AL+). The guest engineers from Romania and Moldova were impressed from the software options.

Programa za Recuperatori REC-AL

The second technical seminar was dedicated to air handling units and specially at the air handling units with heat recovery – TANGRA AHU REC, the air handling units with heat pump incorporated – TANGRA AHU DEX and the hygiene air handling units TANGRA AHU HYG. The hygienic air handling units are designed for ventilation and air conditioning systems in hospitals, emergence rooms and rooms with isolated patients as well as sanatoriums and specific productions like food and beverage industry or optic industry.

Технически семинар - 3

During the stay of the colleagues from Moldova and Romania, the sales team of “TANGRA” showed our national traditions and customs.

tradicii i obichai 20131114_200238

In the last day of the visit of our guests from Romania and Moldova, the floor convectors TANGRA FFCU and the range of pellet boilers TANGRA were presented. Since 2011, TANGRA sales pellet boilers TANGRA HP30 in Romania and the partners from Moldova also thinks that this product will be very interesting in their market.

Технически семинар - 4

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