Feb 15

TANGRA presented the new series of frequency inverters TANGRA FI

  • February 15, 2016
TANGRA presented the new series of frequency inverters TANGRA FI

The frequency inverters are increasingly used in ventilation, air conditioning and heating. According to international studies, between 65% and 70% of electricity is consumed by building asynchroned drives on fans and pumps with constant speed.

The design of systems for ventilation, air conditioning and heating is based on the maximum occupancy of the buildings. In everyday life,
the maximum occupancy is reached in very rare cases. The use of frequency inverters allow smooth regulation of ventilation and heating systems.

Management can be designed so that it changes the speed of air handling units and heat pumps, depending on the number of people in the building.

This will lead to operation of the system at low speed in a large part of the time of operation. Thus, apart from energy savings through HVAC systems  will increase the life of the system and reduce emissions discharged into the environment.

Due to this reason all air handling units TANGRA AHU, heat recovery units TANGRA EVB and heating systems designed by TANGRA team are equipped with frequency speed controllers (inverters) TANGRA FI.

chestotni-invertori-1The range of frequency inverters TANGRA FI combines innovative technology, reliability and easy setup to work. They are suitable for any application needing frequency control.

The entire range of inverters are made with the possibility of installation on a flat wall, as well as on DIN rail.

Frequency inverters TANGRA FI are equipped with digital display and buttons for precise control. There are 14 factory set parameters for easy setup.
EMC filter is built-in and communication Modbus RTU control and monitoring are available.

The inverters TANGRA FI have a feature that tracks and displays energy use and cost savings for the smooth management.

Standard three-phase inverters range: from 0.37kW to 22kW
Range with increased protection (IP66): up to 7.5kW (three-phase) – on demand.
Single-phase inverters: up to 1.1kW – ​​on demand.

честотни инвертори tangra fikonsumirana-energia-klimatichna-kamera

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