Jul 21

Air handling units TANGRA AHU – guarantee for the air quality!

  • July 21, 2015

AHU_210_290Modern buildings are better and better thermally insulated and the joinery (of the windows and doors) – more and more tightly closed.

Naturally the association with a thermos arises where the coffee is hot and aromatic, even after 12 hours. The only disadvantage is that we live in this thermos!

People in industrialized countries spend between 70 % and 90 % of their lives in closed premises. The lack of sufficient quantity fresh air leads to reduced working capacity, increase in allergies and diseases, especially of children and young people.

There is a solution – healthy, energy-saving and environmental!

Air handling units of TANGRA are designed to meet the needs of ventilation, heating, cooling and energy recuperation of various types and purposes public and industrial buildings. All ventilation and air conditioning units are designed on a modular basis, which facilitates their transportation and installation. They are divided into three series:

1. Standard air handling units with energy and heat recovery TANGRA AHU REC

Depending on their construction, the chambers may be one- or two- storey, with a range of 3 000 to 45 000 m3 per hour. Their construction allows integration and combining of various facilities (filters, heat exchangers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, fans, etc.), depending on customer requirements.

Heat and energy recovery is implemented in following versions: with an intermediate heat – transfer agent (water – ethylene glycol), plate heat exchanger or with rotary regenerative heat exchanger.

2. Air handling units with built in heat pump and dual recuperation TANGRA AHU DEX

Compact and independent of external energy sources, these air handling units are available in two types – with fully integrated heat pump aggregate on direct evaporation or aggregated with outdoor unit and evaporator/condenser build in the air handling unit. Different models have a flow rate from 1 800 to 16 000m3 per hour. (you could learn more about them “here”)

And last, but not least are:

3. Hygiene air handling units TANGRA AHU HYG 

Air quality can be of great importance for our health. Purity and suitable microclimate play a crucial role in the hospitalization of patients and concerning the protection of the attending medical personnel. Ventilation and air conditioning systems are barrier, preventing the entry of micro-organisms in the hospital environment, while providing control of temperature and humidity. Air handling units TANGRA AHU HYG have high level of purification of air. All surfaces are easily accessible for inspection and cleaning. All air handling units allow placing filters with different filtration class (from G4 to H14 – EN 779).

Hygienic air handling units TANGRA AHU HYG are designed for ventilation and air conditioning systems of clean rooms (e.g. operating theaters, resuscitation rooms and rooms for isolated patients, emergency rooms, sanatoria), as well as in specific industries such as the production of optical data carriers and electronic components , pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industry, production of bread, meat and dairy products.



Contemporary and multifunctional control allows adjustment and maintenance of various parameters of facilities, including a schedule for microbiological tests.


All air handling units TANGRA AHU are fully automated and ready for operation as well as to connect to BMS. Systems allow remote control through the Internet or via mobile Smart Phone.


The three ranges of air handling units produced by TANGRA are certified by TÜV Rheinland. The hygienic air handling units TANGRA AHU HYG are tested and certified according to standards VDI 6022, VDI 3803 and DIN 1946 – 4 for hygiene rules, as well as DIN 1886, EN 13779 and EN 13053 for air conditioning and ventilation units.

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