Sep 19

Pellet Boilers TANGRA and the wood biomass market in Bulgaria

  • September 19, 2012

Dipl. Eng. Plamen JelyazkovInterview for TD Installations of Dipl. Eng. Plamen Jeliazkov

Dipl. Eng. Jeliazkov, what is the situation of the heating with biomass in Bulgaria? What are the advantages for the users?

Pellets are cheap and ecological energy source with high calorific value. They are produced by wood waste biomass and most of the producers are usually wood-processing companies. Such factories are using their waste products as raw materials for the production of pellets.
It was announced a new increase of the electricity and the energy for heating last month. At the same time the price of pellets remains almost constant for the last 2/3 years. About 30 new resolutions for start building pellet factories were issued in 2011. They must start production by the end of 2012. Thus, I can assure that the Bulgarian market follows the European tendencies. Even though that there are still people afraid from pellet boilers, this is changing each year and more people are starting to look for such solution for their houses. I see also a trend that customers start buying pellets during the summer when there is huge supply and the price is considerably low.
The advantages of heating with pellets are clear – affordable and autonomy solution for heating and domestic hot water (DHW). At the same time, using heating with wood log boilers, a man should carry and load with woods every day the boiler. Cleaning of the wood boilers is also a daily job. Using pellet boilers, this is an automatic process and the owner is free.

What is the place of pellet boiler production in the TANGRA’s portfolio?

Pellet boilers are one of the newest segments of our production. At the same time, they wonderfully fulfill our range of energy efficient solutions for ventilation (MHRV).
We started production of boilers before 4 years. For the development of our pellet boiler, we worked together with our partners from Effecta – Sweden, at that time. The pellet burner and controller we used were theirs. During these 4 years we gain experience and become confident to develop our own burner and controllers. The pellet boilers, produced by TANGRA, are conformed to the Bulgarian market and allow burning of any type of quality pellets. At the same time these pellet boilers are well recognized and sell at the Balkans.

What are the new solutions TANGRA is offering and what are their advantages necessary to be mentioned?

The current range of pellet boilers we offer is from 15 to 35kW. The pellet boilers TANGRA CL 35 have the option for ash collector, which allows cleaning once in 3-4 months. The pellet boilers TANGRA HP30 has 320l water vessel, which can substitute the buffer tank. We also introduced a pellet burner – TANGRA B30p, which can be used for any wood boiler. By the end of 2012 we plan to start serial production of a pellet boiler with capacity up to 80kW (TANGRA CL80). Our plans for the future are to continue developing the range of “green” products for heating and ventilation that TANGRA produce.


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