Nov 23

Hybrid ventilation systems – smart air handling units for schools, kindergartens and education premises

  • November 23, 2018
Hybrid ventilation systems – smart air handling units for schools, kindergartens and education premises

For many years mechanical and natural ventilation systems have developed separately. At the same time the demands for energy saving in mechanical ventilation are rapidly growing, forced by the shortage of resources. Respectively, this compels engineers to turn back and check what was missed in the process of significant costs reduction. Naturally, this leads to the next step, which is development of ventilation concept utilizing and combining the best features from each system to create a new type of ventilation system – Hybrid Ventilation.


Basically, hybrid ventilation systems can be described as providing a comfortable internal environment using different features of both natural ventilation and mechanical systems at different times of the day or season of the year. It is a ventilation system where mechanical and natural forces are combined in a two-mode system.


Hybrid ventilation systems TANGRA with their precise intelligent control provide highest class of ventilation at lowest energy consumption levels. Our smart hybrid ventilation units are delivering fresh air in many schools in lots of countries in different parts of Europe. The natural and mechanical approaches are combined in air handling units and heat recovery units with TANGRA smart control, which is taking into consideration multiple essential factors for the microclimate and comfort of inhabitants like:

  • Air quality (IAQ), where special attention is paid to the CO2 , VOC and rH.
  • Precise temperature regulation
  • Draught control
  • Strict calculations of velocities and mixing
  • Highest level of heat and energy recovery
  • Incorporation of EC fans with high efficiency
  • Filtration control assure no microorganisms, allergens and pollens in the premises
  • Low noise levels

To guarantee the quality of all TANGRA products, we have certified our heat exchangers TANGRA REC HiE and our complete range of air handling units TANGRA AHU at EUROVENT.

EUROVENT certification, together with TUV certification, the implemented quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and environmental management ISO 14001, as well as observation of the highest standards and regulation requirements, make TANGRA a producer paying attention to every detail – legislations, standards and good practices, environment and of course interests of our valued customers.

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