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Nederman – how to improve the working environment

  • August 6, 2013
Nederman – how to improve the working environment

Metalworking industries covers products and systems that create better work environments and contribute to efficiency in connection with welding, flame cutting and other mechanical metalworking, primarily in the engineering industry.


Welding related industries have always been a key area for Nederman. Today, we are the world leader in developing and marketing systems for capturing and filtering dangerous particles created by welding.


заваръчни рамена - Nederman







Welding fumes cause health problems and affect production. The result is reduced capacity and reoccurring disturbances, and eventually decreased profit. Not only welders are at risk in unsafe environments. Production equipment and the end products  are negatively affected by the lack of adequate safety measures.

From single extractors to complete systems

Nederman offers everything from single, welding fume, extraction arms to complete systems for individual workplaces as well as entire production lines. There are also solutions to protect welding robots and machines in automated manufacturing processes. The system is based on the user- friendly mouthpiece that captures welding fumes directly at source and the vacuum unit with integrated filter, which takes care of the hazardous particles. Our commitment covers all of the key stages, from consulting and design to installation and after-sales service.

Increased capacity range

Through the acquisition of Dantherm Filtration, Nederman’s assortment has been extended by filters and systems with higher capacity intended for larger production facilities. These are used, for example, in production lines with plasma or laser cutting. Based on the broadened assortment, the Business Area during the year has launched a new, collected concept for welding and flame cutting for both small and large production lines, which has been well received on the market.


Nederman Machining offers systems for:

  • Clean coolant
  • Clean air
  • Clean machines and
  • Profitable recovery

We can offer customized system for handling of metal chips not only to transport the material, but increase the value from a cost issue of a valuable trading product. Coolant of all kinds will be cleaned to ensure high quality production and extend the coolant life time. Oil mist is filtered to ensure a safe environment and machines, floor areas and products are efficiently cleaned by means of a portable or a stationary cleaning system. Our experienced technicians will optimize every system according to customer needs.

Service workshop and emergency stations

Nederman offers a broad range of products and systems to create ergonomic and efficient workstations and, at the same time contribute to strengthening the motor vehicle manufacturer’s brand by giving customers a professional impression. The solutions can be applied to all types of vehicles – from cars to heavy vehicles.


Nederman - локална екстракция в пожарни







Irrespective of the station’s size, the number of vehicles or the callout frequency , Nederman offers the market’s broadest range of products and systems for handling vehicle exhausts from emergency vehicles. With 60 years experience, Nederman is a pioneer in this area and it has 100, 000 suction systems installed in emergency stations around the world.
Nederman’s system for capturing/filtering exhaust fumes and ergonomic system for handling all types of media such as oil, air lubricants, water etc. There are framework agreements with most of the major vehicle manufacturers, such as BMW, Volvo, Citroen etc. The system can also be found in vehicle testing facilities, for example we equipped around 200 facilities in Turkey, when a year ago they opened completely new facilities complying with EU guidelines.

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