Mar 8
  • March 8, 2016

EVB Compact rangeTANGRA company presents a new range of compact energysaving ventilation systems EVB Compact


The range is designed to maintain the indoor microclimate with minimum energy consumption, which is a major issue for owners or building managers.


The series compact air handling units EVB Compact is developed in three different modifications:

TANGRA EVB ECO  –  monoblock construction, for horizontal installation;

TANGRA EVB TOP –  for standing, floor installation, all inlets and outlets are on the top of the unit;

TANGRA EVB CL –  suitablle for single room ventiation, for ceiling installation, appropriate for classrooms or separate offices.


In addition to the range of heat recovery units it is presented a second generation of intelligent control system Tangra Smart v2


To download the detailed technical information sheet, please, click here.

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