Aug 26

TANGRA launches new website EnergySavingVentilation.com

  • August 26, 2016

We are happy to announce the release of an entirely new website destined for our energy saving ventilation systems and solutions  www.EnergySavingVentilation.com

At the beginning of September 2016, the team of “TANGRA” released specially designed website for energy saving ventilation products and solutions TANGRA EVB.

The Aim was to present to our partners and customers the opportunity to access easy and fast all technical and trade documentation of the wide range of products for heat recovery. Energy saving ventilation systems, which we produce, covers the needs of different projects – from one apartment, through single family house, commercial and industrial applications. Every user can select fast and easily the heat recovery energy saving unit that he or she needs by the filters incorporated in the web site. The site is auto responsive and adapt automatically for different devices – personal computers, laptops, tablets and smart mobile phones.
There is direct link from our web site www.energysavingventilation.com to the software for calculation of plate heat exchangers and heat recovery units – www.TANGRA.bg/tools_EN.html

The experience
TANGRA is not only the first producer of plate heat exchangers in Bulgaria, but also from the first innovators in Europe. Heat recovery ventilation is standard production of TANGRA since 1994. Today, the energy saving ventilation in TANGRA covers air volume from 150m3/h. Up to 8500m3/h. with efficiency from 55% up to 88% (EN 308 / Eurovent). Since 2014 we produce energy saving ventilation systems with two stage heat recovery – from plate or rotor wheel heat exchanger and second step – heat pump module incorporated. The efficiency is up to 94%. For bigger air volume we are also producing modular air handling units – www.airhandlingunit.eu .

We produce not only energy saving ventilation units, but also air-to-air plate heat exchangers. The heat exchangers are divided in to 3 categories:
  Plate heat exchanger (recuperator) „air to air” from polypropylene – REC – PP
  Plate heat exchanger (recuperator) „air to air” from aluminum with efficiency  up to 65% – REC – AL/AL+
  Plate heat exchanger (recuperator) „air to air” from aluminum with efficiency  up to 88% – REC – HiE

Energy saving ventilation solutions and products of TANGRA are presented in the web site as follows:

E – 88%


E – 88% 


E – 88%

Е – 88%
Е – 94%   
Е – 65%
TANGRA’s team developed different options for control and management of heat recovery ventilation systems. From 2014. TANGRA has its own intelligent control system TANGRA Smart. Since February 2016 the second version of TANGRA Smart v2 is available. Besides the ability to control the heat recovery system via mobile phone or tablet, the new version allow to manage the HRU and all accessories through the Internet or BMS with Modbus.
  Options and accessories for building on energy saving ventilation system are shown in the brochures.
TANGRA offers not only heat recovery units, but also:

  Ventilation grilles and diffusers
  Ventilation ducts, elements and flexible
  Sound attenuators
  Heating and cooling coils
   Execution of all HVAC systems


The systems for energy saving ventilation in HVAC installations are certified by TUV Rheinland and cover all applicable norms and directives in EU. The company distribute energy saving ventilation systems in more than 15 countries in Europe.

 For more information and technical questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


Our IT department work hard to sort out and upload comprehensive and complete product information for energy saving ventilation systems and solutions. If you find a problem or difficulty in using www.EnergySavingVentilation.com , please contact us at: sales@TANGRA.BG
We look forward for feedback from you! Thank you in advance!



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