Jul 12

TANGRA presented the selection software for fans of Soler & Palau – Easyvent

  • July 12, 2016


TANGRA is official representative of „Soler & Palau Ventilation Group“for Bulgaria since 1994. „Soler & Palau“ are one of the biggest ventilator producers in the world, with own factories in Spain (4), France (2), United Kingdom (2), Norway, Mexico, Brazil (2), USA, China (2) Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and India.

Key factor in development of the company since the founding in 1951 is design and implementation of new own products. Nowadays „S&P“has more than 10 000 own design ventilation elements, design to cover the needs of domestic, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects, as well as ОЕМ producers.

Now after 65 years, the products of „Soler & Palau“are available in more than 90 countries all over the world





  The new free selection software for ventilators „Soler & Palau Ventilation Group“is available for use at web address:


The selection software allows you by using air flow and available static pressure to choose::

–    Pre-calculation of fan according to air flow and static pressure
–    Accessories for the fan
–    Comparison between fans
–    Creation of global project
–    Personalization with your logo
–    Acoustic data
–    Final report in PDF

Fans can be selected by size, working temperature, explosion proof certification, poles of the fan, air flow direction and many more options and filters.

After selection of the fan, it can be exported in DWG or in 3D as PDF with sizes and to be attached to your offer

Sample view of the software:

1.    Code in S&P Production system
2.    Description of the fan
3.    Graphic description of the parameters
4.    Selected quantity
5.    Accessories
6.    Control of the fan


The software allows you to access to the catalogues of the company, as well as products divided by categories:


 General Catalogue

–    Axial fans
–    Cylindrical fans
–    Acoustic fans
–    Centrifugal fans
–    Belt driven fans
–    Roof fans
–    In line fans

Industrial Process Fans

–    Axial fans
–    Cylindrical fans
–    Centrifugal fans with forward curved wheel
–    Fans for aggressive gases
–    Oven fans
–    High pressure fans

To access the selection software,  please click here

National Service Telephone:
0887 73 73 75